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Our Story...

Her Story

"This mowla mowla afghan, who does he think he is?", was the first thing I ever told my parents about him. Who knew that a few years later this afghan would be my husband. The first day we met was in jamatkhana February 10, 2013, and my friend Fahreen had asked me to tell Shams to wait so that she could invite him to a meeting that was being held the following week. As she was inviting him, we realized none of us had our cell phones to exchange numbers. However, I happened to have one last business card in my purse (naseeb? perhaps...). That week Shams texted saying "YAM, this is Shams Mehri" and I immediately forwarded the number to Fahreen. The weekend of the meeting my parents were in town to visit me for the first time. So naturally I didn’t want to attend the meeting, however, my mother forced me to go since they were tired to sight see. The whole time Shams was so quiet, while we were explaining why our generation fails to get involved in the community. After, I finished explaining my reservations for my involvement, Shams says "Well if you have love for God you’ll just do it!" at that point my blood was boiling and I looked at my friends thinking "WHO THE HECK IS THIS MOWLA MOWLA AFGHAN!" so vexed that my friends said just let it go, and I did. After that encounter I spoke ill of him for many days to my friends, to a point were I began to feel bad. So I ended up texting him "hope all is well" and he replies, "who is this?" and after I explained I was one of the two girls who invited him to the meeting he responds "oh the CUTE one!!" At this point I’m thinking he just may not be as mowla mowla as I thought! We texted back and forth for the entire week, during my friends wedding. He asked me for dinner, and i stopped texting and called my Papa telling him remember that Afghan? Well he just asked me for a dinner date. What do I do? So in Salim Dharas fashion my papa says "Vin, Mafat Aye" (go, its free food). Our first date was at Thai Archie’s in Las Vegas, we stayed till they closed, he asked me for a second date the next day....ITs been history since then!! 

His Story

My story,
Who knew that I would get married to the most beautiful girl of my life. I met her in Khane for brief moment during which she invited me for a conference. I met her again at the conference but disliked her views and thoughts. She messaged me a week later and started talking quite frequently. I wanted to get a tour guide and because she was living in Las Vegas, I thought of inviting her on dinner and see if she can give me a tour of the city. Who knew that I would like her and asked her for a date and I proposed to her during our second date. We were friends a couple of months before I decided to invite her to meet my family. As my parents met her, they loved her personality and we got engaged. This is my love and life story.


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